Review On Technical Analysis on IT Sector-Based Stocks Listed on Global Exchanges

    Saket K Rao ,Kiran L Maney


    In today's world, an investor is always faced with the challenge of deciding between stocks in order to make the best and most profitable investment. The movement of equities on numerous exchanges has been researched, and various investing decisions have been made using technical indicators. In comparison to the Wipro stock, the replication of ADRs traded on other markets is limited to the Infosys stock. The most active stock has been Infosys, which has the best total return across all exchanges. The potential for arbitrage and reverse arbitrage between Wipro stocks listed on multiple markets is far bigger, and hence more lucrative. By using technical analysis to determine the worth of companies, the research will aid investors in making decisions (buy, hold, or sell). Understanding the price movement of stocks on several exchanges while looking for arbitrage opportunities will be a main emphasis of this research. The goal of the study is to learn about the investment patterns of IT industries on various stock markets, as well as arbitrage opportunities. It also aids our understanding of the influence of global stock markets on the domestic stock market. The research looks at how to use a variety of methods to understand how stock prices fluctuate and compare them across firms and exchanges.

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