Comparison of Growth Rate of Gold and Silver as an Investment Option

    Avinash Raj David ,Dr. Umakanth. S


    Gold and silver as an investing alternative is more common than ornamental value. The demand for gold investment in the form of coins or bars has risen. Following conventional banking and the more modern mutual funds, gold is regarded as the most common investment. While there has been a significant change in gold's choice as end consumers become buyers, the rate is slow. India is the world's biggest gold market, responsible for about 20% of global production. Internationally, Gold and silver prices have risen due to a large demand-supply deficit, as well as the use of gold as a shield against other investment opportunities. The current study is an attempt to classify various factors influencing gold investment decisions, which will assist gold marketers in developing a target profile of buyers. This research focuses on Gold and silver as a material, such as coins, bars, and jewelry. The sample is drawn from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds in order to allow the research to determine the factors that lead to the purchase of gold as an investment opportunity.

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