Comparison Study of Debt Mutual Funds That Are Closed by Franklin Templeton with Similar Schemes During Pre-Covid and Covid Periods

    Vyshnavi A ,Lokesh Mallemkondu ,Ankita Malakar ,Karthik Babu D


    The mutual fund is a medium of investments consisting of a pool of funds gathered by investors to invest in stocks, bonds, money markets and other assets. The title of this study is "Commparison analysis of debt mutual funds closed with comparable schemes by Franklin Templeton during precovery and covetous times”. The main objective is to determine why Franklin Templeton closed their mutual funds with the help of comparison study. The comparative study is done with 4 Mutual Funds that are closed with similar types of Mutual Funds schemes. The tools used in this research are Average Return, Standard Deviation and Sharpe RatioThe return on 10-year G is considered risk-free for Sharpe ratio -Securitie i.e., 5.9%. Franklin schemes have underperformed with high volatility (Standard Deviation) and low Sharpe ratio during both pre-covid and during covid period except the low duration fund (LDF) which has recovered from losses in covid period. This concludes the main reason for the closure of mutual funds are not due to COVID-19.

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