Review on Awareness of Financial Inclusion Policies among General Public

    Dr. Umakanth.S ,Avinash Raj David


    Finance is the lifeline of all activities; economic, social and administrative. Financial inclusion is the process by which conventional institutional actors provide equal and transparent access to sufficient financial services for all members of society in particular, and vulnerable populations such as poor people and close to zero groups in specific, at a reasonable cost. Various financial inclusion schemes offered by different banks in India have also been thoroughly discussed. This requires the construction of a much larger financial institution network, and also the ability for people to open account until they are told about the bank's extra advantages. Despite the fact that the people were satisfied with the services, they chose not to participate. In such situations, people must be offered cash incentives and offers in order to become financially self-sufficient. Financial literacy, after all, necessitates cooperation between the general public, the Reserve Bank of India, and financial institutions. In the future, this research will aid in the general public's awareness of all financial inclusion policies.

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