Analysis Of Social Crime Patterns in Regions Based on Demographic (Geographical) Distribution

    Nam Trung Nguyen ,Melanie Elizabeth Lourens ,Dr.Ramkishan Manjre ,Vishal Prakash ,Dr.Swati Patil ,Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin


    Aim: In this research paper different factors that are able to make impact on criminal activities are being critically evaluated. This paper is aiming to prove different geographic regions have different issues that enhances criminal activities. Therefore, different states of India have different rate of criminal activities.

    Methods: The methods of the topic have been as per the statistical analysis where the entire information has been related with the southernmost crime rate higher and a very low crime rate in the easternmost states.

    Main findings: The highest crime rate has been recorded at Tamil Nadu with lowest in Nagaland and Mizoram. The rate of crime increases with religious nature and nature of the crime as per metropolitan culture. The rate has been higher due to wealth, and other factors where the value of the regression has been higher between the northern and southern region respectively. The nature of the murder crime rate has been found to be higher in South Africa compared to online dating scam in Malaysia. Along with that, as a prime part of South-East Asian countries, the crime rates of Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong have also discussed with the help of graphical illustration.

    Conclusion: The selected states are Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Assam, Telangana, Karnataka, Nagaland etc. it has also been identified in different states criminal activities during 2020 get reduced compared with criminal activities in 2019. Punjab is ranking on top in the India due to Drug cases as 35.8% of drug cases in the country belong to Punjab as well. Moreover, it has also been summarised that Vietnam has a higher crime index rather than other south-east Asian countries.

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