Analysis Of Company Performance with The Approach Balanced Scorecard in Bank Xyz

    Dody Kurniawan ,Christophorus Indra Wahyu Putra ,Panata Bangar Hasioan Sianipar


    The measurement of the performance of the Jakarta branch (CJTS) has only been viewed from the financial aspect by using financial ratios as a measurement indicator, even though the problems faced by branches are mostly non-financial and the increasingly competitive development of the banking business has made management need to determine a competitive strategy. This study aims to measure the financial and non-financial performance of the Main Bank with the Balanced Scorecard. The initial step of the research was by observing the external and internal environment of CJTS, identifying and formulating problems, setting research objectives, collecting supporting data, both primary and secondary data through interviews with managers and supervisors and employees at branch offices, some customer document data. If these three suggestions can be implemented, it is hoped that the profit growth of PT Bank XYZ Tbk CJTS can be spurred to meet the targets set by its head office. Furthermore, it will automatically affect financial ratios for the better.

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