The Organization of Scientific Research Activity in Professional Training of Specialists in Higher Educational Establishments

    Izteleuova Lyazzat ,Mukhameydiev Takhir ,Mukhamedeyeva Irina ,Elzhanova Yermek ,Abildakhanova Saltanat


    The article deals with organization of career guidance for individuals with special educational needs in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This paper considers professional orientation of young people with special qualities on the basis of theoretical analysis of current state of career guidance organization. The authors pay special attention to the problem of effective career guidance activities, which largely depend on comprehensive and consistent nature of these activities and involve all the aspects of educational process. The article substantiates the essence of professional self-development and the conditions of the educational environment aimed at its provision. A comparative analysis of these approaches is carried out, and their specificity is revealed. According to the authors, each approach has its own significance in professional self-development, so it is necessary to ensure their optimal combination. The following are the results of a questionnaire survey, during which teachers-psychologists evaluated the degree of influence of various factors on their professional self-development activities, the rating of the influence of stimulating and hindering factors, compiled on the basis of the assessments set by the study participants. In addition, for the professional formation of the teacher's personality and the development of professionally important qualities in him, the article highlights the levels of self-education motivation such as: initial (external), basic (internal) and higher (internal).

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