The Main Aspects of the Crimean Tatar Choral Art in the System of Modern Music Education in Crimea

    Aliyeva Zarema ,Asan Chergeev


    The article is devoted to the problem of the revival of choral art in the Crimea, Crimean Tatar folklore and its functioning in the system of music education. The author reveals the significance of choral art for Russia as a whole, defines the meaning and features of Crimean Tatar folklore and its specific musical features. The method of working with the educational choir in the process of mastering folk songs of the Crimean Tatars based on the activities of major Crimean Tatar musical figures who worked in this direction is considered. The active introduction of Crimean Tatar folklore into the repertoire of the educational choir is presented in this article as an important stage in the restoration of national traditions of the Crimean Peninsula.

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