Influence Of The Concept Of Noopolitics On Changes In Socio-Political Processes: A Comparative Approach

    Nikolay Sergeevich Labush ,Anatoly Stepanovich Puyu ,Boris Nikiforovich Kovalenko ,Grigory Leonidovich Akopov ,Galina Vsevolodovna Bryndina


    According to Russian and American scientists, the era of noopolitics is coming. In their works, the authors present their vision of why and how managerial thought should act during the formation of a new reality. Russian and American authors have different points of view. In this article, we have concentratedly collected mainly the Russian point of view on such a phenomenon as noopolitics. The media in the international process are presented by the authors as a concrete and imperious «matrix» - as a system of cultural and informational monopolies of any state. The authors propose to consider mediatized politics as a virtual reality presented and created by the media, and mediatized politics as a process of establishing this reality. Any information created by a journalist through signs can have many meanings, and the choice of meaning depends on the consciousness that perceives this word. This conclusion is fully consistent with the thesis about the a priori axiomaticity of the communicator and the a posteriori unpredictability of the communicant.

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