Analysis For Productivity Improvement In Boat Lift Net Fishing Business Through The Use Of Ufl Plus Technology

    Fajriah ,KT Isamu ,M Rais ,A Mustafa ,Marsuki Iswandi ,La Anadi ,Idrus salam


    This research is an action research that pilots the UFL PLUS technology which is an innovative development of underwater dip lights in the boat lift net fishing business. This research or fishing ground took place in the waters of South Konawe Regency, around Hari Island. The fishing base was taken at the location where the lift net fishermen live, namely in Tondonggeu Village, Kendari City. This study revealed that; 1) The design using UFLPlus technology that was found to be able to increase the productivity of the boat lift net business was a use design that included the UFLPlus construction design, the layout and position of the UFLPlus lights, the use of UFLPlus technology on the lift net lighting profile, the use of CCTV on UFLPLus technology, the use of UFLPlus technology on Illumination and the pattern of lighting distribution on the boat lift net, and the use of the UFLPlus technology operating method on the boat lift net and the process of determining the exact time of hauling; 2) The use of UFLPLus technology is able to significantly improve the productivity of the boat lift net business by 41% compared to underwater dip lights without CCTV as the improvement in productivity is influenced by the large number of hauling that can be done.

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