Developing Critical Thinking Assessment Instruments on the Learning of Environmental Education

    R. Sihadi Darmo Wihardjo ,Claudia Agatha Adika Putri ,Astronia Lauda Caesa Adika Putri ,Syahrul Ramadhan


    The aim of this study was to describe the quality of critical thinking instruments for learning of environmental education. This study included the type of development, the process of preparing a critical thinking test for Environmental Education using test development from Mardapi, namely: conducting test trials, writing test questions, studying test questions, conducting test trials, analyzing items, improving tests, assembling tests, administering tests and interpreting test results. The research population was the students of the Population and Environmental Education Study Program, Universitas Negeri Jakarta. The research sample used purposive sampling technique with the number of students 944. The results indicated that the quality of critical thinking instruments for environmental education learning is in the good category. The mean content validity index was 0.88; This test instrument had 38 fit items with a 2 PL model (p > 0.05). The average item difficulty level was -0.088; the average power of grain difference was 0.660.

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