Management Of Early Childhood Learning in Handling Stunting Through Inter Professional Education Approach (Studies On Early Childhood Education in Bogor Regency)

    Sopiah ,Fahruroji ,Ida Tejawiani ,Andriana Gaffar ,Mansur ,Muh. Asy’ari akbar


    The focus of this research is to describe fundamentally and find the concept of Early Childhood Learning Management in Handling Stunting. This study aims to examine the activities of Early Childhood Learning Management in Handling Stunting in PAUD Tiara, PAUD Al Kausar and PAUD Perwira Bogor Regency, which include: Planning, Implementation, Assessment, problems faced by leaders, and Problem solutions. The main theory in this study is based on management from George R. Terry and learning theory from Blenkin and Kelly and the theory of Inter Professional Education (IPE) from Kay Caldwell. The approach used is a descriptive qualitative approach. Data collection techniques using observation, interviews, and documentation studies. The results of the research are: 1) Analyzing planning 2) Implementation of learning by applying fun learning. 3) Learning assessment 4) Finding problems faced by PAUD leaders in handling stunting. 5) Finding solutions to problems with future improvement efforts and institutional efforts to improve learning management in stunting handling through an inter professional approach at PAUD Bogor Regency. The conclusion of this study is that Early Childhood Learning Management in handling Stunting through the Inter professional Education Approach in Bogor Regency, West Java Province, showed a positive improvement in the handling of stunting so as to free students from stunting after collaborating with doctors and nutritionists from the local Puskesmas.

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