Features of Managing the Process of Physical Training of Military Personnel and Cadets of Higher Military Educational Institutions of The Armed Forces of The Republic of Kazakhstan Using Computer Technology

    Z. Burnaev ,V. Sudakov ,S. Khaustov ,E. Gabbasova ,D. Zharmenov


    Currently, after the accession of all universities of Kazakhstan to the Bologna process, our education system is developing along the path of building a competitive quality education. In this regard, one of the main directions of improving military education in the Republic of Kazakhstan is to ensure the focus of professional training of military personnel on new computer technologies, since the current level of their development allows providing information support for almost any type of human activity. In addition, the introduction of computer technologies provides an opportunity for information integration of a wide range of participants and complex processes. This trend has exacerbated the problem of further development of both the theory and practice of system modeling of the management process based on new computer technologies.

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