Development of Web-Based Learning Cycle Base Experience Training Management Model

    Imas Ratna Ernawati ,Rita Retnowati ,Herfina ,Soewarto Hardhienata ,Onny Fitriana ,Acep Kusdiwelirawan


    Management is a process to actualize the desired outcome; as a science, management is universal and uses a science frame. The research method that was used is Research and Development (R&D). The developed product is training management guidelines or E-Modul. The data source is 70 Physics Teachers from Physics MGMP Area II East Jakarta at 92 Senior High Schools or Vocational High Schools. The research procedure starts from the preliminary study stage, development stage, and evaluation stage. The sources of data were obtained from informants, documents, activities and validators. The data collection techniques used were interviews, questionnaires, and documentation, while the data analysis techniques used were quantitative and qualitative descriptive analysis. The results of this study are (1) developing a teacher training management model by analyzing the integrated needs of teachers and training providers, (2) developing a training module, applying learning cycle base experience training methods, also a post-evaluation follow-up; the web-based teacher training management model worth to be applied. Validation from experts, academics, media and practitioners regarding training model and module are 89.2 and 93 with perfect category. The results of the reaction evaluation to measure respondents' responses to the quality of the training implementation were considered good, with a total score of 1495. In the training evaluation, there was a significant change in the ability of the training participants before and after the training that was proved by the average score obtained by the training participants on the initial test was 66.48 and the post-test 92.04, with a difference of 25.56, the conclusion is that this development product can be used properly.

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