University Students' Perceptions of Nationalism Represented in Contemporary

    Rudi Gunawan ,Huriah Rachmah ,Desvian Bandarsyah ,Wildan Insan Fauzi


    This mix-method study specifically focused on identifying students' perceptions regarding the concept of Nationalism, contemporary Nationalism, and their perceptions on forming a new nationalism. A quantitative approach was made through surveys and a qualitative approach by means of interviews. Data were obtained from students' perceptions. They were studying history education programs from four Indonesian universities. Thematic content analysis was deployed to generate the findings in this study. The findings suggest that the majority of students detailed that the concept of Nationalism concerns loyalty and pride towards the nation, which is marked by the awareness and efforts to glorify and prioritise the nation's interests. The love for the nation in contemporary can be demonstrated through another specific way, such as their choice of studying in history education. This study ends with a conception that Nationalism will not vanish in time and age, but only the actualisation is different.

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