Ibn Al-Shjari and Al-Mutanabbi’s Explainers in their Handling of Al-Mutanabbi’s Diwan. A descriptive, Analytical, Rhetorical Study

    Badie` Ahmad Hasan Alazzam
    Keywords: AlShjari; Al-Mutanabbi, poetry, Arabic literature. ,


    This study revolves around two major scholars of Arabic; One of whom is Ibn Al-Shjari, who was the
    greatest of grammarians in his time, and one of the geniuses who took the lead in rooting many
    linguistic phenomena, the other is the poet Abu Al-Tayyib Al-Mutanabbi his poetry, and it is well known.
    The study revolves around the tackling of Ibn Al-Shjari to Diwan AL Mutanabbi with explanation ,
    commentary, and scrutiny , and his citation of his poetry in many grammatical , rhetorical and other
    issues ,this is in his book (AL Amali) , which is the real beginning of the applied educational approach,
    where the study aimed to compare between Ibn Al Shjari and the commentators of Al Mutanabbi ,
    where the researcher used the descriptive analytical method according to the well-known steps of
    research , then the research concluded with a set of results that may reveal this hidden immersion.

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