Preventive Medicine in Food and Drink: An Analytic Study of the Islamic approach

    Kabiru Goje Main,Samer Najeh Abdullah Samarh
    Keywords: Preventive Medicine, Food and Drink, Prophetic approach, Islamic medicine ,


    Little attention has been paid by modern public health towards involving, as well as recognition of
    religion or culture in disease prevention and control. Religion is a major component of the social life of
    many communities around the globe. Our goal is to provide access to scientifically sound and culturally
    acceptable information on health promotion and disease prevention, to all those who need it, using the
    information from Qur’an and authentic Hadith. However, the research into this area will be important as
    an avenue for improving the quality of life through Islamic teachings. This study relies mainly on
    secondary resources of data, and secondary sources of this study were primarily libraries. The bulk of the
    data for this study comes from many Islamic books, journals and articles that belong to Prophetic Islamic
    medicine and contemporary medicine. The methods of data analysis that are used in this study are
    descriptive and analytical. This study uses thematic induction. Generally, the methodology used for this
    study can be described and defined fundamentally as a qualitative study. The study addresses
    prophetic traditions that are related to preventive medicine about food and drink, and support these
    prophetic traditions by contemporary doctors’ opinions, which are attested by the fact, or are proved
    by experiments those accounts for non-violation of the Sharia, also the study revealed that the Holy
    Prophet (peace be upon him) was so concerned about every aspect of human life including that of
    health. This was yielded from prophetic traditions that infused preventive knowledge, which if humans
    could have made proper use of it, they would be prevented from many illnesses and healed others. This
    preventive scientific finding is affirmed by modern science. As a result, the prophecy of the final prophet
    is clear.

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