The Experience of Green Technology in Malaysia and its Role in Enhancing Sustainable Development

    Amel Asmar Zaboon ,Rayad Joda Salih
    Keywords: Green Technology, Enhancing, Development, International economy. ,


    Green technology is one of the modern concepts that has received the attention of many countries
    because it clearly affected the perception of people about the environment and the negative effect
    they leave on that environment and the results out of the unwise use of its resources. Thus, green
    technology has its ability to improve the environmental performance and decrease the negative
    effects of the human activities in what contributes to enhancing the sustainable development through
    encouraging and incentivizing clean energy production and its uses, green housing, green
    transportation, and waste recycling. This research aims at exploring the ongoing developments in green
    technology indicators and indices
    The most important findings that this study reached is that Malaysia has done very noticeable progress
    in using modern technologies in many walks of life like health, education, energy, and transportation.
    The studied walks have witnessed a noticeable increase as well.

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