Democracy as a factor of political stability according to Robert A. Dahl democratic dimension’s philosophy: case study of Poland

    Sarah Adeeb Rasheed
    Keywords: Democratic Transformation, Political stability, Political Participation, democracies index, democracy standard, Poland. ,


    In this study the researcher take the concept of democracy with an aim to test the efficiency of
    democratic system as an essential requirement for political stability, especially by taking case of
    political system which has already been adopting a democracy system since 1989. So, this study focus
    on the four dimensions of
    (Dahl, 1998a; Dahl, 1998b) definition of what the democracy does mean, he
    finds that democracy has a five standards at least, “ Effective political participation, Voting equality,
    Enlightened understanding, Control of the agenda and Inclusion of adults”, if we take these standards
    as a basic ground of what the democratic system does really mean, beside considering democracy as
    a basic alternative of all political systems nowadays, as much as democracy experiments are always
    depending on internal elements of the each one of these experiment itself, which makes the arguments
    of its feasibility increasing with a multi-pointed views & opinions, this could provide uncertainty
    sometimes & we could say that this uncertainty about democracies comes from multiple experiments
    that have a different outputs of this process, so the outcomes will not be the same either, which
    lightening the importance of each experiment separately, so the researcher tries to detect how much
    the political stability is depending on democracy (with these five standards), and how each one of
    them are influencing the stability of political system, and that’s will be measuring upon Poland after its
    democratic transformation since 1989 and which kind of changes came up on these elements ..
    political system, party structure, public behavior of individuals & their tendencies towards political
    system throughout the elections process, public media control and judicial accountability. We take
    these dimensions in a period from 1989 until the last recent changes on the democratic system in
    Poland with by using a descriptive analytical methodology.

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