Aspects of pragmatics and the references of the poet Baland Al-Haidari in his poetry

    Zainab Ali Abdulhussein Al-Ma'moori
    Keywords: Pragmatics- discourse- illocutionary-reference -tributary ,


    The research discusses the concept of reference, the difference in its interpretations, between the two
    courses: the scientific and religious trends, the concept of pragmatics, the most important founders,
    and the related topics.
    The research discusses, from a pragmatic perspective, the poet's subjective stream, highlighting its
    importance as one of the important poetic sources on which poetry depends, as well as the societal
    stream, and its paramount importance in monitoring and addressing social issues of interest to society.
    The research studies theorizing and applying the pragmatic concepts that emerged in the poetry of
    Baland al-Haydari
    (Al-Haidari, 1992), such as: the laws of discourse, which include: dialogical imperative,
    and the rules of etiquette and politeness founded by (Paul Grace), as well as the speech acts founded
    by (Austin), and after him (Searl), and the sections of speech verbs that were received in this regard

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