Exploring Bell Curve Performance Measurement of Employee Halal Certified Logistic in West and East Java

    Abdul Karim ,Margono Setiawan ,Nur Khusniyah Indrawati ,Mugiono
    Keywords: Bell Curve, Halal Certified, Performance Management, Work Motivation, Employee Performance ,


    Bell Curve employee performance appraisal is the most popular performance measurement method, but
    there are many pro and contra arguments for this method, one of the concern is considering that
    performance measurement is one of the crucial factors that may impact to work motivation of
    employees, particularly for employee who work in tight standards, like Halal Standard. This paper aims to
    explore the impact of performance management and work motivation on employee performance that
    is measured using the Bell Curve method. Data was collected thru the distribution of a questionnaire to
    163 employees of Halal Certified Contract Logistic in East and West Java, Indonesia. Data were analyzed
    with Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) using the software Smart-PLS. The result of the analysis are
    performance management and work motivation have a positive and significant effect on employee
    performance. Work motivation also mediated the performance management on employee
    performance. The result was interesting because Bell Curve method were attracted many contra
    arguments in fairness, accuracy, and objective of calculation, but this study affirmed that Bell Curve is still
    capable to measure the performance of employee. This study also conclude that performance appraisal
    is an important feature in performance management, Therefore the selection of a performance appraisal
    method that is compatible with the implemented standards is very important for the effectiveness of

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