“Kaoori” Fragrance Business Plan Using the Timmons Model

    Tammy Gheana Putri ,Farih Ahmad Tabin ,Ilham Gema Ramadhan ,Hafizh Nur Pratama ,Putri Nurlaila Fajriah ,Artarina D. A. Samoedra
    Keywords: Timmons ,


    Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying, developing, and bringing a vision into life in the form of
    innovative ideas, opportunities, suggestions for better things to do; the result of the process is creating
    new businesses that are formed under conditions of risk or uncertainty. With competition increasing in
    every way, it is hoped that there will be a mutually beneficial relationship between producers and
    consumers. The existence of intense competition is a trigger to reach consumers, how the producers can
    be more creative and innovative in offering something of more value than other competitors. The name
    of this business is "KAOORI" which is taken from Japanese which means fragrance. A unique name like this
    gives its value to this business and charms the community and consumers. Not many people know
    Japanese, and it will make the people curious. Based on this statement, this business is a potential
    segment by targeting people aged 19-30 years who used cars. In addition, the target is active social
    media users and disseminates it through media in the form of paid promotion. This research aims to find
    out how to plan the "KAOORI" business and how to set the strategy to be successful. The research method
    used is descriptive qualitative to describe clearly, systematically, and accurately the "KAOORI" business
    plan by comparing the Timmons criteria. The data collection techniques use primary and secondary
    data. The results show that the clothing business planning is a viable business to run

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