The Effects of Workload, Incentives and Motivation on Gojek Driver Job Satisfaction in Bandung City

    Sandy Nayoan ,Gita Aurel AS ,Ewyke Caleen ,Donny Hartanto ,Windy Freshka Z ,SA.Pratminingsih, SE, MA, PH.D.
    Keywords: Workload, Incentives, Motivation, Job Satisfaction ,


    Employees are very important partners in organization because they determine the progress of the
    company. Companies must strive to create job satisfaction for employees, because if employees are
    satisfied then performance will increase. The purpose of this study was to determine the influence
    workload, incentives, and work motivation had on job satisfaction of Gojek drivers in Bandung. The
    population of this study were all Gojek drivers, while the sample was selected as many as 150 people
    using accidental sampling. This research uses explanatory research. The data analysis of this research was
    carried out using multiple linear regression analysis. The results showed that the workload, incentives, and
    motivation had a significant effect on the job satisfaction of the drivers. This shows that there is a match
    between the results obtained and the theory put forward. These results emphasize that the Gojek
    company, which has drivers from various circles, should always pay attention to the incentives provided
    and also pay attention to the workload that is given fairly so as to increase job satisfaction.

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