E-Learning Effectivity to The Motivation and Learning Achievement of Collage Student in Pandemic Period on Widyatama University

    Ivan Gumilar Sambas Putra ,MaikaTrisnawati Juntak ,Erica Zanmira ,Sausan Vanadya Sekar Fadila ,Salsa Firdausya ,Denis Juliano Nugraha
    Keywords: e-learning process, motivation, learning achievement ,


    COVID-19 impact to the Work from Home (WFH) policy and applied to the education sector. The
    application of e-learning media during learning process practiced in remote learning method by
    electronic and network media. Aim of this study is to know the effectivity of e-learning media practice to
    the motivation and study achievement of college student in Widyatama University Bandung, Indonesia.
    Study method applied in this study is quantitative method and the population is 447 students who register
    in business business seminar subject from generation of 2018. A sampling process is applying Slovin formula
    and produce 217 students as the data sampling. The study concluded that e-learning effectivity is
    influence to the motivation and student achievement in student collage. Means, present e-learning
    effectivity is increasing the motivation and study achievement of Widyatama University student.

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