Andrin Dellani Ratnadeva Renita ,Anita Rahayu ,Denira Rahma Utami ,Nurul’Aini Garniansyah Pribadi ,Muhammad Aldi Akbar ,Hero Gunawan
    Keywords: Metaphor, Structural Metaphor, Orientational Metaphor, Ontological Metaphor, NonLiteral Meaning ,


    This research is entitled Metaphorical Expression Used in Gabrielle Aplin’s Album English Rain. The object
    of the research is the metaphor expression found in Gabrielle Aplin song lyrics. The purposes of this study
    are to identify the types of metaphor used in the song lyrics, and to analyze the meaning of them. The
    method used in this research is qualitative descriptive method. The steps to conduct the research, related
    to this method, include choosing songs, downloading the songs, listening to songs, identifying types of
    metaphor, classifying the data, analyzing the non-literal meaning, and drawing conclusion. The theories
    used in this study are from Lakoff and Johnson (2003), particularly relating to the three types of metaphor:
    structural metaphor, orientational metaphor and ontological metaphor. The second theory used in this
    research is the theory of meaning (literal and non-literal) by Saeed (1997). The results of the research
    indicate that the three types of metaphor are found in the song lyrics as the research data with the total
    data of 46: structural metaphors (24%), orientational metaphors (28%) and ontological metaphors (48%).
    The non-literal meaning contained in Gabriele Aplin's song relates to the struggles in her life experiences:
    the journey to find her own identity; the process to overcome the weight and pain of her life pain ranging
    from failure in her life, heartbreak, giving up with her life and feeling hopeless; the struggle to regain the
    sense of comfort, calm and enthusiasm in her life.

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