Sales Information System with Feature for Disability Users

    Aceng wahyudin ,Shuhud noer shobah ,Sami ,Reinaldy Khaidir Sjafii ,Raymond bhalisani salim ,Ari Purno Wahyu W
    Keywords: information system, Ecommerce, disability news feature ,


    The sales system is able to improve a purchasing process and record a number of available stock items,
    the information system has a broad and automatic range, the advantage of using an information system
    is that the type of catalog of goods provided can be unlimited by place and time, when the webiste
    feature still made in general and very difficult for someone who has a disability or lack of limbs to use
    information systems as a medium to increase trade so that someone who has a deficiency can do
    business in entrepreneurship to improve their standard of living, in this study an e-commerce website will
    be created with additional features simpler sound and images, this sound system will provide information
    about the goods being sold even when the user makes a purchase, this feature will clearly provide clear
    information about the goods catalog and the number of items purchased the addition of this feature is
    very helpful on the seller and buyer side.

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