Role of Stock Market Efficiency on Stimulating Domestic Financial Investment

    Manal Kazem Saker ,Emad Mohammed Ali Al-Ani


    This research sought to study and analyze the role of the Iraqi stock market in attracting local
    investments at the level of all economic sectors in an attempt to assess the role of efficiency of that
    market in the possibility of attracting those investments, which is the main step of economic growth in
    Iraq and exit from oil rents and thereby maximizing non-oil revenues as well as assessing the
    attractiveness of the market to those investments through several indicators addressed and therefore
    the research has reached a weak role of the financial market in attracting Attracting domestic savings
    and investments to the financial market and thus suggesting that the market is inefficient in attracting
    investment to it in general, as the low value of the volume index to GDP means that the market weight
    in the national economy is weak, reflecting the low efficiency of its performance and activity.

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