A Questionnaire Based Study to Assess Knowledge, Attitude, Practices, and Concerns Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination Among Educated Group of Population

    Abdulhusein Mizhir Almaamuri


    There seems to be reluctance among people in accepting the COVID19 vaccine all over the world,
    because of associated myths and/or misinformation. The purpose of this study is to interpret vaccine
    acceptance and/or reluctance by assessing the knowledge, attitude, practices, and concerns
    regarding the COVID vaccine, among an educated group of the population, the faculty members of
    Almustaqbal University College. In our survey, we've adapted the final version of the attitude,
    knowledge, practices, and concerns (KAPC) questionnaire which includes 39 items (Box 1). A crosssectional design was used, and data was collected within the first 2 weeks of August 2021 through an
    online survey. A total of 114 responses were collected from faculty members of various departments of
    the college. The participants were mainly females (63.7%) and (75.9%) were between 18-40 years of
    age. 36.3% of our sample have not been vaccinated yet, while 63.7% have been involved in the
    vaccination program. We assess the influence of some factors on the decision to take vaccine like the
    ministry of health information, discussion with family and friends, doctors and health workers, and social
    media. We ask the respondents to report the possible concerns about the vaccine e.g., the rapid
    development and approvement of the vaccine, possible immediate or late serious side effects,
    commercial investment of the pandemic. etc. Possible conclusion of our study, the questionnaire used is
    a good and easy tool of this issue during the time of pandemic and in fact, the results give the health
    and government authorities a valuable idea to put their plans to disseminate the true information and
    combat misinformation and rumors through channels that are trusted by people.

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