Dimensions of establishing poetic modernity in Jaber Asfour's critical project: An approach to theoretical foundations

    Adel Najeh Abbas AL-Fatlawi
    Keywords: Poetic, critical and project. ,


    The fundamental issue of exploration - and dependent on such a decision - spins around responding to
    essential inquiries, through which the point of view and treatment of such a subject is resolved, and the
    most significant of these inquiries are the accompanying: How did Jaber Asfour manage the degree of
    foundation and intricacy of the idea and measurements of graceful advancement in his basic task?
    What's more, did Jaber Asfour stay in the idea of his treatment of the issues of such advancement in the
    hover of Western references or legacy? Or on the other hand did he attempt to accommodate them
    to arrive at a Bedouin idyllic innovation that joins legacy and contemporary? What are the most
    noticeable increases and basic and methodological bits of knowledge introduced by Jaber Asfour
    based on setting up and constructing the qualities and determinants of graceful innovation at the
    degree of the cutting-edge Middle Easterner sonnet?
    It merits referencing and accentuating as to this methodology, that the examination in its technique is
    concerned explicitly with the hypothetical measurements through which we can distinguish the idea of
    the elements of building up idyllic innovation at Jaber Asfour, this issue implies that the exploration isn't
    going to go into the types of "uses, for example, this establishment at the degree of Jaber Asfour's basic
    work regarding his investigation of certain Bedouin or Western wonderful models or messages, as such
    an issue stays outside the structure and cutoff points of such examination.

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