The impact of Ethical Leadership in Organizational Excellence Field Research in the branches of the Rafidain Bank in Dhi Qar Governorate

    Saif taleb kudher ,Hussam Ali Muhaibes


    The current research aims to draw attention to the importance and necessity of ethical leadership and
    to contribute to stimulating the ethical style of leadership to achieve organizational excellence, as well
    as diagnosing the extent of the bank’s interest in research variables and its dimensions, to come up with
    a set of recommendations that contribute to improving its practice and adoption of these variables,
    and based on the importance and necessity of the variables for the bank on the one hand. On the
    other hand, society. The research adopted the descriptive analytical approach in completing its
    chapters and investigations and was applied in the branches of Rafidain Bank in Dhi Qar Governorate.
    The research sample included (90) individuals from the middle administrative leaders in the bank, and
    the main research tool (the questionnaire) was distributed to them to survey opinions about the
    variables in addition to the personal interviews that they conducted The researcher with a number of
    bank leaders, and all the questionnaires were valid for analysis and numbered (90), and the statistical
    analysis showed a number of results, most notably the presence of a statistically significant effect of
    ethical leadership on organizational excellence. The wheel of banking work, the development of tasks
    in it, and the keenness to employ the expertise and skill necessary to carry out banking business and
    activities. And work to satisfy customers through a banking service that satisfies the needs and fulfills the
    desires with high quality.

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