Strategic intelligence and its impact on achieving the effectiveness of the national security apparatus/ Field research

    Falah Abdul Redha Al Kharassani ,Anwar Mostafa Hassan


    Strategic intelligence is often used in the defense or military world to identify information or knowledge
    that may be useful for high-level decision-making. Strategic intelligence has a meaning similar to the
    popularity of military intelligence, but the focus is on how best to enable the organization to deal with
    future challenges and opportunities to achieve Maximum success in improving effectiveness, the
    research provided theoretical foundations for strategic intelligence and improving effectiveness. For the
    purpose of achieving the objectives of this research, a hypothetical chart was prepared that determines
    the nature of the relationship between the independent variables represented by strategic intelligence
    and its dimensions (insight, vision, organized thinking, participation, motivation) And the approved
    variable (effectiveness), for the purpose of testing the research hypotheses, the research was applied to
    a sample of employees of the Iraqi National Security Service to obtain the necessary information through
    a questionnaire prepared for this purpose, distributed to a sample of (97) members representing the
    employees of the upper and middle administrations in various Sections, directorates and departments of
    the Iraqi National Security Apparatus. The statistical program (spss) has been adopted to analyze the
    relationship between variables and to extract and process data
    The research reached a set of conclusions, the most important of which was that there is a significant
    influence relationship between the dimensions of strategic intelligence and the effectiveness of the
    National Security Apparatus. While the research concluded with a set of recommendations, the most
    important of which was the need for the device to rely on work mechanisms through which to activate
    the capabilities and energies that carry high efficiency among employees and have the ability to provide
    the best services, as well as several proposals for future studies.

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