The role of entrepreneurial mindset skills in strategic niche management: An applied study in the Training and Development Department Presidency of ministers

    Adham D. Almusawi ,Sanaa A. Alubadi
    Keywords: Entrepreneurial mindset, Entrepreneurial mindset skills, Strategic niche management. ,


    The entrepreneurial mindset is one of the modern and important strategic topics, because of its impact
    on the business, and decisions taken by the entrepreneur, and the activities he undertakes to improve
    the reality of the organization and obtain a competitive advantage and a good strategic niche. The
    emergence of new businesses and jobs, and the possibility of their development in the future, and the
    necessity of requiring for people with unique characteristics such as discovering opportunities,
    foreseeing the future, creativity, innovation and taking risks to advance the reality of organizations to a
    better position in the labor market is the basis for preparing this research.
    The importance of this research lies in assisting organizations in determining the specifications of their
    employees, knowing what is required of them in the future, and the availability of the entrepreneurial
    mindset skills in the organization, as well as knowing what the organization possesses of characteristics
    that contribute to managing its strategic niche. This research applied in the Training and Development
    Department - Presidency of ministers. As the research community was represented by (406) individuals,
    (220) questionnaires were distributed and (203) were retrieved. Data collected based on personal
    interviews and a questionnaire, and the statistical package for social sciences SPSS v22 used to obtain
    the results.
    The research concluded that there is an impact relationship and a significant correlation between
    entrepreneurial mindset skills and strategic niche management, and suggested several
    recommendations, the most important of which are: holding courses and seminars for preparing people
    with an entrepreneurial mindset. The need to include the requirements of intellectual patterns when
    determining the job description for all available jobs to make the right person in the right place.

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