A Study of Medical Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Revisiting Intention of Nursing Hospital

    Jong-Hyun Yang ,An-Sook Park


    The purpose of this study is to analyze effects of medical service quality on the customer satisfaction and intention of revisit in nursing hospitals. In order to analyze the impact on service quality and reuse intention of nursing hospitals, this study conducted a survey for patients hospitalized in 10 nursing hospitals nationwide and their guardians from December 01 to 31, 2018. A total of 350 questionnaires were distributed and 312 questionnaires suitable for this study were used for the final analysis, excluding 38 copies of data without response. AMOS 12.0 and IBM SPSS Statistics 21 were used to analyze the impact of service quality of nursing hospitals on reuse intention, and the detailed analysis method is as follows. In particular, since most of patients are hospitalized for a long period of time due to chronic senile diseases, convenience and accessibility were found to have a great influence on customer satisfaction. This increased customer satisfaction caused by convenience and accessibility has a great impact on reuse intention. Convenience, such as convenient facilities, and patients- and guardians-centered environment, has a significant impact on both customer satisfaction and reuse intention. In addition, expertise of medical service does not have a significant impact on customer satisfaction, but has a significantly positive (+) impact on reuse intention. These results indicate that the expertise of care hospital is an important criterion for selecting a care hospital because decisions on the reuse of care hospital are generally made by guardians, not by patients. This study intends to understand that customer satisfaction and reuse intention of care hospitals are different from those of general hospitals, and to provide care hospitals exposed to the era of infinite competition with important reference data for management strategies to increase patient’s satisfaction and reuse rate.

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