The Mediating Effect of Fathers’ Parenting Involvement on the Relation Between Fathers’ Sex-Role Attitude and Mothers’ Parenting Efficacy: Focused on Double-Income Family with Young Children in South Korea

    Young-sun Kim ,Sang-lim Kim
    Keywords: Mothers’ parenting efficacy, Fathers’ sex-role attitude, Fathers’ parenting involvement, Parents with young children in South Korea ,


    The purpose of the study was to investigate the mediating effect of fathers’ parenting involvement on the
    relation between fathers’ sex-role attitude and mothers’ parenting efficacy. A total of 240 parents of
    double-income family with young children in South Korea were selected as the participants for the study.
    The study variables were measured using the survey questionnaires. Pearson’s correlation analyses and
    regression analyses along with Sobel test were conducted. The results demonstrated that fathers’
    parenting involvement had a significant partial mediation effect on the relationship between fathers’ sexrole attitude and mothers’ parenting efficacy.

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