The Effects of Early Childhood Teachers’ Psychological Burnout and Grit on Their Teacher-Child Interaction

    Gyeong-im Kim ,Sang-lim Kim
    Keywords: Teacher-child interaction, psychological burnout, Grit, Early childhood teachers in South Korea ,


    The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of early childhood teachers' psychological burnout
    and grit on teacher-child interaction. The subjects were 364 early childhood teachers working for young
    children aged 3 to 5 at kindergartens and daycare centers in South Korea. To measure the major variables,
    teacher-child interaction scale
    (Lee, 2003), psychological burnout scale (Park, 2020), and Grit scale (Lee,
    were used. The collected data were analyzed using the SPSS 24.0 Statistical Program. Pearson's
    correlation analysis and analysis of multiple regression were conducted to test research questions along
    with the descriptive statistics and Cronbach's coefficient. As the results, early childhood teachers’
    psychological burnout was found to have the significantly negative correlation with their teacher-child
    interaction, and grit was found to have the significantly positive correlation with their teacher-child
    interaction. In addition, early childhood teachers’ psychological burnout and grit had significant effects on
    their level of teacher-child interaction.

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