Factors Affecting Wellness of College Nursing Students

    Meera Park ,Nam Joo Je


    This study was conducted to understand stress experiences, eating habits, health lifestyle, level of wellness, and factors influencing wellness of college nursing students. The purpose of study is to collect basic data for preparing measures to improve wellness of college nursing students. The data were collected from September 15 to September 30, 2020 on 167 nursing students at K University. The research tool consists of 39 questions on stress experiences, 11 questions on eating habits, 7 questions on health lifestyle, and 29 questions on wellness, and the collected data were analyzed using IBM SPSS WIN/25.0. The general characteristics used frequency, mean, and standard deviation, period difference of variables according to the general characteristics was analyzed by t-test and one-way ANOVA, and post analysis was analyzed by Scheffe's test. The factors influencing wellness were analyzed by stepwise multiple regression. Factors influencing wellness were college-level stress, monthly income (310,000-400,000 won), health lifestyle, and 4th grade, respectively. The explanatory power was 28.2%. Nursing students must first cope with and manage their own stress in the process of establishing the foundation as a member of society, and through proper eating habits, health lifestyle, and wellness, the qualitative advancement of nursing care can be achieved. Therefore, additional studies regarding the development of wellness promotion programs for stress relief/healthy lifestyle and verification on the effectiveness of the program are suggested.

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