On the Contact-free Teaching Methods of General College Mathematics

    Kakyung Ahn
    Keywords: Corona 19 Pandemic, online education, contact-free, real-time education, teaching method ,


    The "Corona 19 Pandemic," which no one expected, restricted daily activities in all countries around the
    world. In particular, the education that was being conducted in the classroom to curb the spread of the
    coronavirus has suddenly been converted to non-face-to-face online education. The online lecture,
    which started without any preparation, began with a lecture on video production and upload in the first
    semester of 2020. From the second semester of 2020 to the first semester of 2021, it was changed to a realtime online lecture. Real-time online lectures are conducted through camera and screen sharing by
    accessing video conference systems such as zoom, but the methods of lectures are divided into providing
    uploaded videos or real-time lectures. As it is a real-time lecture, question and answer session is also held
    during the class. Although many real-time face-to-face studies have been conducted, this study shows
    students' preferred online methods, reasons for choosing that method, and the reasons for dissatisfaction
    are investigated through the survey, and considers the two-way communication method to be
    conducted in the next class.

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