Online Lecture Performance Improvement Strategy Using Online System and Learners’ Self-Concepts: Interaction of Perceived Ease of Use, Self-Efficacy, and SelfRegulated Learning Attitude

    Sang Woo Hahm
    Keywords: Online education, self-concepts, online system, online lecture performance ,


    It is believed that online lectures at universities will become more active after the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Universities are making efforts to improve the quality of online lectures, such as developing online. The
    online system is designed to make it easier for students to access lectures by building a more studentoriented environment. Existing studies have clarified the relationship between these efforts and online
    educational performance. This study focuses on the student dimensions such as self-concepts to improve
    the students’ online lecture performance. It is believed that the interaction between the online system
    and student’s self-concepts will improve the students’ online lecture performance. This paper explains the
    direction that instructors should strive for to support their students’ online educational performance, and
    the importance of the competencies needed by students. Through these mutual efforts, the quality of
    online education will further develop.

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