A Study on Smart contract for efficient learner problem recommendation in distance education environment

    Min Youn A ,Lim Dong Kyun
    Keywords: Smart Contract, Blockchain, Ethereum, Problem Recommendataion, distance education ,


    For learner's self-directed distance education, the need for Problem Recommendation learning guides
    reflecting accurate learning patterns based on learner data is increasing. In this paper, based on
    blockchain based smart contract technology, various learner data generated in the distance education
    environment were collected and accurately managed to analyze Problem Recommendation patterns
    for individual learners and gave weights for each learning situation. It is possible to present the optimal
    Problem Recommendation path when individual learners solve problems based on the assigned weights
    for each learning situation. To evaluate the performance of this study, the learning satisfaction with the
    existing similar learning environment, the usefulness of the Problem Recommendation guide, and the
    processing speed of learner data were analyzed. As a result, compared to the existing learning
    environment, the proposed learning environment improved learning satisfaction by 19% or more, and it
    was confirmed that the learning data processing speed was improved by more than 20%.

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