The Influence of The Egyptian Events In 2011 On Turkish-Saudi Relations Turkish and Saudi Positions Towards the Egyptian Crisis

    Saba Nawfal Bahaa ,Ahmed Abdel Amir Khudair


    The events of change in 2011 in the region played a major role in the growth or decline of Turkish-Saudi relations and the intensification of competition. The positions of the two countries on these events varied according to their interests, and these positions had a significant impact on the Turkish-Saudi relations and the escalation of tension between them, which constituted a brake on a growing path. The relations between the two countries, in addition to the efforts of both countries on the issue of the Egyptian crisis - Turkey and Saudi Arabia - to prove their presence in the region and its issues and to play a greater role. The intensification of competition between the countries of the region requires these forces to maintain their position and work to achieve internal stability and protect their national security linked to regional security.

    Indicating that the foregoing refers to Turkey’s position on the change in Egypt 2011 and what happened in 2013, which contradicts Saudi Arabia’s position on the change in Egypt, and this indicates the difference in Turkish attitudes and return towards the events of change in Egypt according to interests, which was reflected on Relations between the two countries.

    Turkey's support for the popular revolutions and work to strengthen its relations with the political Islamic trend that advanced after those revolutions, this matter constituted a provocative factor for the official parties affected by those revolutions, which see that the Turkish position causes damage to its interests and conditions, including Saudi Arabia, which prompted them to adopt negative attitudes towards Turkey, which was embodied in the Turkish position on the Egyptian crisis opposing the coup in Egypt and the resignation of Morsi and its negative repercussions on its relations with Saudi Arabia, which was with the coup and Morsi removal from power.

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