Peer Acceptance of Female Students in Private Schools: Comparative Study in Peer Acceptance Based on Gender

    Rozi Sastra Purna ,Izzanil Hidayati ,Abdur Rahman ,Puti Dewi Sartika ,Fitri Angraini ,Tryanda Millenia W ,Fauziah Afrilda


    This research aims to determine the difference in peer acceptance of private junior high school students in the city of Padang based on gender. The number of subjects involved in this study is 146 private junior high school students consisting of 73 males and 73 females. The sampling technique in this research used cluster sampling which is taken based on the sub-districts in the city of Padang. Peer acceptance of students is measured using a peer acceptance scale. The results of this research indicate that there are differences in peer acceptance between male and female students in private junior high schools in the city of Padang. Female students have a higher level of peer acceptance than male students. Female and male students have the highest peer acceptance aspect scores on the validation and caring aspect (mean=23.59 and mean=21.53), the lowest score for female students is the intimate exchange (mean=20.51), on the other hand, male students have the lowest aspect on conflict and betrayal (mean=18,12).

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