Measuring the Quality of Educational Service Using SERVQUAL An Applied Study on Students of the Technical Institute / Anbar

    Obaed Mahmood


    Providing a good service to the customers has become a tangible reality imposed by the force of the nature of the variables in the current environment, and measuring the customer satisfaction has become an inevitable matter to provide better services, especially for institutions that want to stay, continue their service activities and achieve high quality performance. This research dealt with the application of the (SERVQUAL) to measure the quality of university service provided by the administration of Technical Institute / Anbar by comparing the expectations and perceptions of a sample of the institute's students who were selected and distributed to them a questionnaire showing the expected and another questionnaire showing the perceptive of the services provided. The research concluded with a set of conclusions and recommendations, the most important of which is the possibility of measuring the quality of the educational service by applying the SERVCOAL, and that there are significant differences between the students 'answers regarding the perceptive and the expected, which indicates that the students' answers do not overlap, in addition, the absence of significant differences between the expectations and perceptions of the students as for the service provided.

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