The Reality of the Distance Learning Experience During the Corona Pandemic from the Point of View of Kindergarten Teachers

    Wejdan Mouidh Alqhtani ,Bdoor Mohammad Alhajri ,Wadha Nayif Alotibi ,Refka Makram Megli Barsom


    The study aimed to investigate the actual reality of the implementation of distance learning for kindergarten teachers during the Corona pandemic and to determine the most prominent advantages of distance teaching in the kindergarten stage. The researchers used the descriptive approach. The researchers built a questionnaire that was applied to a sample of (N=201) female teachers who were randomly selected from kindergarten teachers in Saudi Arabia. The results demonstrated that teachers use various strategies to teach, motivate and evaluate their students. The results also showed that teachers employ social communication methods to facilitate their communication with parents. Teachers reported that distance learning is a safe and secure strategy for children during emergencies. The researchers recommend encouraging other researchers to study methods of enhancing the positive aspects and overcoming the difficulties faced by teachers and children and conducting continuous evaluation studies of the effectiveness of distance learning for children.

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