Assessment of the possibility of groundwater contamination with heavy metals in Al Saqy agricultural project, Karbala Governorate, Iraq

    Mohammed R. Hashim ,Aysser M. Al-Shama’a
    Keywords: Trace elements, Al Saqy project ,


    Twelve wells in Al Saqy agricultural project which is located in the west of Holy Karbala governorates between the longitudes (43 ° 34 'to 43 ° 30 E ) and latitudes (32 ° 26 'to 32 ° 22 N), were choses to collect water sample for two periods to be analyzed for trace elements that include Fe, Mn, Pb, Ni, Cd, Cr and Zn. The trace elements analysis results in groundwater confirm that groundwater is contaminated with some elements such as (Pb, Ni, and Cd) because their concentrations are higher than the permissible limits according to IQS, (2009), WHO, (2011) and EPA,(2018).

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