The Effect of Organizational Diagnosis on Strategic Performance According to the Balanced Scorecard

    Abbas Jabbar Muhaibes ,Alia Jassim Muhammad
    Keywords: Organizational diagnosis, strategic performance, faculties of Dhi Qar University ,


    This research aims, through its chapters, to test the relationship between organizational diagnosis, as an independent variable, and strategic performance according to the balanced scorecard as a responsive variable). What is the nature of the relationship that connects the variables and does one affect the other?, The research aimed to answer these questions through the theoretical philosophy and the intellectual implications of these variables and through the practical application on the research sample, as the necessary information was obtained from the personal interviews and the questionnaire and it was analyzed statistically The study adopted the descriptive-analytical approach, and the research came out with theoretical and practical conclusions that diagnosed the reality of the research variables in the application environment, as it proved the existence of a significant correlation relationship and the presence of a significant impact of the organizational diagnosis on strategic performance according to the balanced scorecard, and the research provided a number of recommendations The most prominent of which was the need to think about taking into account the dimensions of the organizational diagnosis of the senior management team in the substantive issues that arise He singled out the critical and critical differences in the work and decisions of college councils, and provided adequate support in developing the work of educational institutions.

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