An Empirical Study on Relationship between Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Indian firms

    Dr. Shalini H S Main,Dr. P V Raveendra ,Dr. Arun Kumar D C
    Keywords: Corporate Governance, Financial Performance, Profitability, ROA, ROE. ,


    Corporate governance is the collection of rules, processes, and regulations that govern how companies
    in India and across the world function, regulate, and control themselves. With this definition, you may
    include everything from a company's owners and customers to its suppliers and regulators. It also includes
    management and the company's stakeholders as well. This research aims to discover whether strong
    corporate governance has an impact on the financial success of a sample of Indian companies. Wellregulated companies are assumed to always outperform moderately regulated ones in this research.
    Regression models, Anova, T-tests, and F-tests showed an unexpected result: There is a substantial positive
    connection between corporate governance and financial success. According to the findings, effective
    corporate governance contributes to a firm's profitability.

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