Readiness of Bank Leaders to Disruption and the Influence on Company Performance

    Anita Maharan ,Dewi Tamara ,Pantri Heriyati ,itis Yurina
    Keywords: Perception, Leadership Style, Disruption, Company Performance ,


    The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the combination of leadership styles on company
    performance which was moderated and mediated by disruption. The chosen company is the banking
    industry in Indonesia which has been around for hundreds of years until it enters the Bank 4.0 timeline. The
    concept applied in this study is the concept of perception to determine individual judgments about the
    combination of leadership style, company performance and disruption. The concepts used to measure
    the combination of leadership styles are perceptions of transformational leadership styles, ethical
    leadership styles, serving leadership styles and electronic leadership styles. Where based on the study of
    the four leadership styles, it is the leadership style that is considered the most effective to be implemented
    to manage the millennial generation. The concept used to measure the company's performance consists
    of perceptions of the company's financial and non-financial performance, namely the processing and
    development of human resources. The concept used to measure disruption is the perception of
    multidimensional performance including technological features, market dynamics and the external
    environment. The research method used is a quantitative approach, the research object is a bank in
    Indonesia, the research subjects are bank employees, and the determination of the sample follows the
    Hair rule, with a total sample of 300 people, data collection through an online questionnaire with Microsoft
    form. Analysis of the measurement model data and the structural model was carried out using the
    SmartPLS program. Based on the results of the research on employee perceptions, it is stated that the
    combination of ethical leadership style, transformation leadership style, and service leadership style
    displayed by the Bank's leaders plays a role in dealing with disruption by creating innovations in managing
    employees in order to achieve organizational goals to achieve good company performance.

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