Obstacles to the advancement of women as CEO: Evidence from financial sector Iraq

    Ali Thamer Mutasher Nawafly
    Keywords: Finical Sector, Women leadership effectiveness, GLOBE Project ,


    While several have been researched on the Obstacles progress women and class celling in high positions. However, there is a need to understand the reasons and obstacles to their advancement to decision-making positions and their administrative development, still standing the Gender Egalitarianism Especially after ISIS. This study aims at investigating the direct linkages among Globe project factors with leadership effectiveness of Iraqi women up the career ambitions of working women. This paper examines the relationship between Gender Egalitarianism, Assertiveness. Future orientation on women leadership effectiveness in financial sector of Iraq , The study was carried out by distributing a questionnaire form, 284 women working in financial institutions in Iraq participated, and they answered directly to the content of the form from questions and analysis of the results of the answer through the application of the statistical  SPSS  V. 22, The results of the analysis showed that there is a significant  and positive relationship between each of the independent and the dependent variable. These results contribute to strengthening the role of women and overcoming obstacles to their advancement.

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