Attitudes of Students of Media and Mass Communication Colleges in Emirates Universities towards Distance Education (E-learning) During COVID19

    Widad Haroon Ahmed Mohamed
    Keywords: Distance Online Learning; Communication; media courses; Learning methods; Journalism; COVID19 ,


    The global education system has been significantly disrupted by a COVID-19 pandemic and prompted the closure of educational facilities that have negatively affected students' learning environments worldwide. In this context, it is necessary to study the perspective and readiness of students to use the online learning system during the COVID-19 pandemic. The forced transition to distance online education has prompted a new experience in many countries where education curricula and teaching methods have shown remarkable growth. For instance, in Arab universities, this new practice has given rise to various perceptions and attitudes about teaching methods. The paper analyzes how the E-learning environment supports the students and faculties of media and mass communication in American University in the Emirates, Al Qasimia University, and Al Khawarizmi College. In addition, it attempts to understand the role of technology in online education of journalism and mass communication in the Arab region. The study is based on observational and quantitative analysis. The study's outcome shows demand for an appropriate curriculum and tools to provide a better learning environment for both students and faculties.

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