Identity Studies: Leadership Communication Style of Local Leaders in Kalimantan Indonesia

    Rini Sugiarti ,Fendy Suhariadi ,Evi Kurniasari Purwaningrum
    Keywords: Style of Leadership Communication, Transformational, Local Leaders ,


    A leader is a figure who is considered a role model. In the context of local government leadership, a leader is a figure who is expected to accommodate every single interest for a mutual wellbeing; that seem in their communication. This study aimed at examining how a local leader performs his leadership. Data were collected through semi-structured interview. The transcript of the interview was then analyzed using interpretative phenomenological. The interviewed subjects in this study were the local leaders of East Kalimantan Indonesia. The results of this research found that the transformational leadership style was performed by the heads of Kalimantan local government. This leadership style stood for its local interest. This research discovered that the transformational leadership style addressed various issues in East Kalimantan. There are some characteristics of transformational leadership illustrated by the Regent of Kutai Kertanegara and former Deputy Governor of East Kalimantan. 1) They involved the people as stakeholders and derived the local wisdom to address various issues in the region he leads. 2) They converted the bureaucratic strategy into a “taking initiative” approach. 3) They encouraged the realization of economy transformation by utilizing local products. 

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